Sidercad uses various and very different hardware platforms:

  • VMware virtualization environment made-up of 2 hosts and 1 SAN, hosting Windows Server and 4 Linux

  • VM 50 workstations

  • 2 36" color plotters

  • 1 36" scanner

  • 2 A3 multifunction color printers

  • 1 Topcon GTS 303 surveying station

Electric supply for all equipment is guaranteed by a 20000 va. UPS system.
Servers are placed in a designated area which assures all necessary environmental conditions to operate.
The total storage capacity is 5 TB on redundant array with different raid levels.
The backup archive is managed by Veeam on a daily basis, which is filed on NAS and removable cartridge.
System management of the above equipment is performed by inside staff, which guarantees prompt feedbacks and high availability. Both HW and SW infrastructure are able to deal with production needs, allow big project developments and provides hosting service to the customers at the same time. Each and every workstation is part of a local gigabit Ethernet network and protected by up to date antivirus software.
Fibre optic internet connection is provided by two of the most leading companies in this branch and secured by a Linux firewall; bandwidth is 100 mbit/sec.
E-Mail service is internally managed and totally protected by the most up-to-date antivirus and antispam systems