Information Technology

A particular feature of Sidercad offer is the proposal of customized solutions based on standard hardware and software components that integrate easily with existing company systems.

For the provision of IT and system integration solutions, in addition to the expertise of its qualified technical staff, Sidercad takes advantage on a series of ‘middle tier’ software modules, which have been internally developed and optimized over the course of its decades-long activity.

The high level of modularity and flexibility of its products allows Sidercad to apply both to midrange and high level customers, to which it guarantees optimal and seamless entry into existing IT structures, as well as to small-size companies, which can benefit from complete, highly specialized and adequately dimensioned solutions able to follow business dynamics.

Know-how and company structure enable Sidercad to support the customer, by ensuring in the course of time full operational use of the purchased technological applications. This is done through a complete set of qualified services, ranging from direct assistance in the application start-up phases, to training, hot-line support, and on-site technical assistance. The experience gained in digital archive uploading services is of particular significance, including the provision of either on-site or on-centre document acquisition services, with the further possibility of complete outsourcing of activities.