Our name, our history

Sidercad has been an Italian Engineering and Information Technology Company active in the international market since 1980. The name Sidercad, which comes from the combination of “sider” (steel) and “cad” (computer-aided Design) refers to the initial mission of the company, established as a part of Italsider, to encourage the use of steel by developing automatic design techniques. The initial experience in the design of steel structures grew over the time and gave rise to an all-round Engineering sector and an independent Information Technology sector.


Sidercad offer in the engineering sector is articulated into a set of design, coordination and consulting activities in civil, hydraulic, infrastructural and environmental engineering. All the design activities in its various levels (feasibility, preliminary, definitive, executive, constructive, as built) are developed with Building Information Modeling BIM techniques.

Information Technology

Sidercad offer in the IT sector is developed in the areas of Custom Software, System Support and Service Activities. The software is developted on web applications based on NEAT technology which uses the most common relational database engines, and concerns Electronic Document Management, Real Estate Management and Collaborative Workflows.



Rating Plimsoll Sector "Engineering and Consulting"

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Sidercad, an OICE member, is among the sponsors of the “7th Report on Digitization and BIM Tenders 2023”

The explanatory sheet of one of our BIM projects has been included in the report

our project video

The NILE STREET project won as "best urban development in London 2022"

Project in which we participated in the detailed design


TEKLA customer day 2019

Sidercad presents the executive design of all civil works for the Mornaguia gas-fired power plant in Tunisia, created using Tekla Structures software

our project video

2017 TEKLA BIM Awards

The facade model "KAFD 1.08 Hotel Tower - Ryadh (Saudi Arabia)" received special recognition

for the innovation of the modeling and application of the product


Publication in the Milan Engineer's Journal - August 2012

"The 3d model - the thread that binds thought to realization"

An article in which over 10 years ago we dealt with BIM design by proposing our experiences



Intervention financed by the European Regional Development Fund “Business Competitiveness”

In 2020 Sidercad made investments to bring offices into compliance with Covid containment and smart working efficiency provisions