Our name, our history

Sidercad has been an Italian Engineering and Information Technology Company active in the international market since 1980.
The name Sidercad, which comes from the combination of “sider” (steel) and “cad” (computer-aided Design) refers to the initial mission of the company, established as a part of Italsider, to encourage the use of steel by developing automatic design techniques in order to ensure reliability and speed of design.
The initial experience in the design of steel structures grew over the time and gave rise to an all-round engineering division and an independent Information Technology division.

In 1986 Sidercad was established as a Consortium within Italsider.

In 1991 Sidercad became a joint-stock Company.

In 1995 the Company left the State Holding circle following one of the first management buy-outs in Itlay.

After 1997 Sidercad requested and obtained from the RINA body ISO-9000 certification of quality management system both for the Engineering and for the Information Technology departments (certificate # 672/97).

During the last years, Sidercad established itself on the marketplace by collaboration with important national and international companies.

Our company has achieved significant experience inside its own operation fields by its constant research work about “Design procedures and methodologies” and “Information Technologies”, in collaboration with Universities, Italian and European Research Institutes and Software Houses.