is an Italian Engineering and Information Technology Company active in the international market since 1980.

The name Sidercad, which comes from the combination of “sider” (steel) and “cad” (computer-aided Design) refers to the initial mission of the company, established as a part of the Ilva group, to encourage the use of steel by developing automatic design techniques, in order to ensure reliability and speed of design.

The initial experience in the design of steel structures grew over the time and gave rise to an all-round Engineering division and an independent Information Technology division.

actually consists of two separate but synergic departments: Engineering and Information Technology.


The global market requires increasingly shorter production times, with constantly increasing quality standards. This process of management can be based on high-level IT tools that deal with specialized aspects and coordination systems that allow full use to be made of any previously developed data.

Since the beginning, the company has acted with the aim of maximising reliability through the continuous development of work organization and the development and systematic application of efficient procedures, which are combined to reduce time and costs through careful monitoring.

Over the years, consequently, a “Sidercad method” has been established to reach utmost reliability in rapid timeframes and low costs.